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2014 Black Box Insurance Reviews2014 Black Box Insurance Reviews Continue To Grow

The new year has just begun and black box reviews continue to grow, we look forward to a year of providing our readers with all the latest black box insurance news in this innovative and fast moving market.

We continue to build fruitful relationships with the major players in the telematics sector in order for us to provide you with in depth analysis of the telematics market and enable you to make intelligent and informative choices when it come to you selecting a black box insurance provider.

2014 Black Box Insurance Reviews Continue To Grow

As the new year begins we have reviewed the performance of all the top black box insurance providers and made amendments to our top ten providers chart to reflect the performance of each provider over the later stages of 2013 and this has lead to some surprising changes.

Insure the Box have slipped from their top ranking spot to position seven as other providers enter the market and make their impact.

Drive Like a Girl have taken over the top spot and are now ranked as the number one provider of black box insurance in our chart. This is due mainly to the effort that they have put in to using social marketing to target their product at their intended audience and this social marketing strategy is proving to be a hit with potential customers.littlebox1

Hasting Direct Smartmiles have climbed to position two in our charts they continue to grow in popularity which comes as a surpirise as they struggle to make an impact on the social scene, however they continue to grow and Hastings Direct Smartmiles looks to be a popular choice for many young drivers.

Admiral Littlebox are up to position three in our charts, their popularity has grown more than likely as a result of their high profile TV marketing campaign.

ikube advice blackboxinsurancereviews.comiKube insurance are another climber, they are up from position seven to position four, one of the more established black box providers iKube have seen steady growth and look like continuing this in 2014.

Co op Young driver Insurance have actually lost ground, they have dropped from position three to position five. For such an established company the co-op seem to be missing an opportunity with their lack of savvy about social marketing and are failing to reach their target market via the major social network providers.

Provisional Marmalade maintain their position at number six whilst there is no change with the remaining providers with the exception being insurethebox who now take over the number seven spot. Sheila’s Wheels Model Driver remain at eight, AA Drivesafe at nine and Aviva Drive at ten.

The telematics insurance sector continues to expand and new insurers are continually coming on to the market with their latest offering. Black Box Insurance Reviews strive to bring you the reader the most up to date news and information on the latest black box providers and with our insider contacts we aim to  keep you abreast of the latest technological advances within the industry.

We have our ongoing polls and surveys which give you a snapshot of public feeling and our comments section for you to have your say. We have also recently opened the first Black Box Insurance Forum where you can express yourself or take part in a debate.

2014 looks like being a good year for Black Box Insurance Reviews as we go from strength to strength and we would like to invite you to participate in our success.

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