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Iain MacSween founder of Black Box ReviewsHi my name is Iain MacSween founder of blackboxinsurancereviews.com, if you are anything like me you will distrust Insurance companies. You will distrust insurance companies, banks and politicians.

Time and time again we put our trust in these people only to have that trust abused.

Four years ago after reading about black box insurance and its possible implications for the future of drivers in this country I decided to set up this review site. This was at the very beginning of the black box revolution and although there was little information at that time, what I did read and understand was that black box insurance will revolutionise car insurance. The logical conclusion is that black box insurance will become global and will be the standard insurance package for all drivers. It has to be there is no other option, the simple fact is that this device has the capacity to stop the carnage that occurs on roads worldwide on a daily basis.



If this simple device can change the driving and behavioural patterns of road users, it can lead to a dramatic reduction in deaths and serious injury.


Globally the statistics are horrendous, even in the supposed more advanced countries like the UK and USA with better built infrastructure the statistics are untenable.

1,754 deaths and 23,039 reported casualties in Great Britain in 2012.

36,200 deaths and 3.9 million reported casualties in the USA in 2012.

In addition to devastating human loss, motor vehicle crashes present a significant national cost in lost wages and productivity, medical expenses, administrative expenses, employer costs and property damage. The estimated cost of motor vehicle deaths, injuries and property damage in the USA for 2012 was $276.6 billion, a 5-percent increase from 2011.

If this is the case then the aim of any rational government has to be the reduction of these horrendous statistics by the introduction of this type of vehicle tracking by making it compulsory. The only way to do this is by passing laws that make the installation of telematics boxes to all new cars.

My concern was that black box insurance will become compulsory in the near future and having reviewed some of the companies who will be offering black box insurance policies I was concerned about the level of service that was being offered.

I was dismayed when I first heard about black box insurance, the thought that I would have every journey monitored and be judged on it for my insurance premiums horrified me.

However, the more I researched into black box insurance the more I realised the potential that it offered. It can be a force for good if properly monitored, it can save thousands of lives and tens of thousands from serious injury and reduce the NHS bill by billions. Not to mention saving families the length and breadth of the country from going through the trauma, loss and grief associated road with traffic deaths and injuries.


Black Box Insurance Reviews have been following and reporting on the emerging black box insurance market for nearly four years now and have managed to collate that information and bring it to you in an concise, constructive and impartial way. We deliver the truth, the facts about black box insurance and how it will affect you, we give you unbiased reviews on all the major providers and up to date facts figures and information for you to disseminate and make your mind up on whether or not this type of insurance is for you.

Black Box Insurance Reviews Will Benefit You

Black Box InsuranceThis site will benefit you by letting you know who the best black box insurance providers are and which company will be best for you when you come to renew your policy. This site is all about you, it is controlled by you, and only you can ensure the accuracy of the information about the individual black box insurance providers.

When you put in your review and rate each provider the site will place each provider in order of the review scores that they receive resulting in a league table that shows site visitors black box insurance providers in order of rank.

This will enable visitors at a glance to see who the top performing providers are and enable them to make an informed decision on which provider that they would like to use according to their requirements.

When it is noted through the reviews that there seems to be a particular problem then we will run a poll on that issue and send the results to the offending company asking them to fix the problem. We can hopefully work with companies to resolve any issues that may arise with this new technology and help to smooth the transition to monitored insurance.

Black box insurance is new, it is revolutionary just like this site, it will take time to resolve all the issues that will arise but with this site and your help we will make a difference. It will take time to build up the reviews section of the site but the news and information side is up to date and accurate. I would recommend that you read what the companies are offering and see which company best suits your needs before making a decision.

Black Box Insurance 2014 What the Future Holds

The black box insurance futureWe have been studying this market for the past four years and are confident that if certain criteria are met then black box insurance will actually become a tool for enriching your driving experience. Far from becoming the overlord who monitors and punishes miscreant drivers it will become an interactive driving tool that aids and abets your driving experience. It will educate and inform drivers on how to get the best performance from their car whist driving at the optimum speed and fuel efficiency for the road and conditions that they are on.

It will become a driving buddy, not a driving boss.

Black box insurance is growing phenomenally and is ever changing as technology improves, it will soon change from simply a data gathering black box into an interactive learning tool with head up display and this is when people will begin to realise the potential that this form of insurance offers.

The fact that that it is linked to an insurance company will be irrelevant as all cars will have to be linked, what is relevant is that you will be responsible for your own driving record and if you would like to be the best driver that you can possibly be, then this interactive system will teach you how to be the safest, most fuel efficient driver that you can be and that will enable you to get the best driving score that you can which will allow your insurance company to offer you the lowest priced policy that they can.

Black Box Insurance 2014 What the Future Holds

As this technology rolls out and insurance claims drop the insurers will be in a position to lower premiums in general as their profit margins increase. With black box insurance the risks in the future will reduce dramatically as the accident rate and claim rate goes down as individual drivers improve and regulate their driving offering them a better profit margin which in turn should be reflected in the general level of car insurance quotes. When you combine that with the fact that there will be less crime involving cars the future for black box looks good.

Black Box Insurance will reduce crime.

It may seem an implausible statement, however, if black box insurance became compulsory only the most inept Black Box insurance reduces crimeof car thieves would contemplate stealing a car. If every car in the country was monitored it would be impossible to drive in a vehicle that was not tracked without attracting attention from the police. Even if you managed to steal a car your every move from the minute you turn the ignition on will be recorded, your crime will be there of file recorded and ready for dispatch to the courts from the second it starts until the second you are caught. Over the last decade, more and more motorists have been found to have been involved in a deliberately staged an accident for a quick insurance pay-out by unscrupulous gangs. With the advent of black box insurance and the introduction of dual mount “dash cams” the days of these criminal gangs are numbered.

Black Box Insurance will reduce crime

Another bonus would be that organised crime gangs and drugs traffickers would find it impossible to move about with the freedom that they now enjoy. If police suspected someone of either being in a terrorist organisation, a member of an organised crime gang or being a drug trafficker, they could apply to the court to have your vehicle monitored and you would not even know about it. With this information they could track your movement, find out where you go and whom you associate with. They could even backtrack your movements to link you to previous crimes or reveal where you have stored illegal weapons, stolen goods, or drugs. There will be no hiding place for those who intend to use vehicles in their criminal activities.

Black Box Insurance Reviews Looking Out For You

Black Box Insurance Reviews will be looking out for you now and in the future, we will monitor all the black box insurance providers and their products, we will report all the latest news and developments, and we will give you a platform to air your views.

Therefore, I ask you to play your part, get involved with black box insurance reviews make a comment, and tell us how you feel, take part in a poll or leave a review. Help us to help you by making the site grow, tell you friends, family, like, share, tweet. blackboxinsurancereviews.com are the premier site for all the latest black box news and information.

Yours sincerely,

Iain MacSween


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