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Black Box National App LeagueBlack Box Apps National League

Black box insurance is becoming increasingly popular and no wonder, for the first time drivers are able to have an insurance policy based on the way that they drive and not be subject to paying for the poor driving of others.

Savvy drivers are getting in on the act by using the latest smartphone apps to get a reduction on their car insurance, apps that were originally meant to reduce the crippling costs of insurance for younger drivers. These apps can offer s0 much more though, for drivers who are proud of their driving prowess. Drivers that have readily accepted black box insurance are becoming keen to show off how good that they are as the idea of score sharing kicks off, they are quite happy to let others know exactly how good that their driving skill is.

One in three young people believe they’re better drivers than they are

It is a fact that not only young drivers think like this, some 36% of all drivers believe they areThe black box insurance future an above average driver. The time has come now where you can put your money where your mouth is, so to speak, you can now actually prove how good that you are by downloading an app, doing the evaluation and getting your score. You can then post it to facebook, twitter or your preferred social media outlet. Some apps such at the More Th> n offer this facility as part of the app package, which is fine if you want to share on their app. However, we have set up the first national black box app national league in order that you can share with different app users.

 Black Box Apps National League

The black box apps national league is a fun way to share your app score, if you have earned a good score why not tell the world, after all you drove well enough to earn it.

It is not cool these days to boast about how fast your car is or how quickly that you can get from A to B what is cool is letting people know that you have the intelligence and skill to drive well and show consideration for others and transfer those skills and awareness into a high black box score that the boy racers could only hope to achieve.

You can share your scores and get your name on our league table by simply sending in a picture of yourself and a picture (pictures no bigger than 150×150) of your score along with your name and location to.

We have picked a selection of the latest apps on the market for you to chose from, we have reviewed these particular apps and recommend them. You can use whichever app that you choose there are no restrictions.

I would personally recommend the More Th>n app as I found it to be the best, most reliable and most fun app during a review that I did on it recently, however you are all grown people you make your own choice and see how you get on.

 Pick Your App Post Your Score

You can download your choice of app from the Google Play Store

Drivology app More Th>n app  Intelligent Marmalade Co-op Young Driver App Direct Line DrivePlus App


 Black Box National App League

Black Box Reviews National League

Face Name & Location Company & App  Black Box Score
Iain MacSween Iain MacSweenLincolnshire Direct LineDrivePlus Black Box Reviews direct line app

Black Box Reviews


Intelligent Marmalade

App Score

 intelligent marmalade app score

Black Box Reviews


Co-operative Young Driver Smartphone App  Co-op Young Driver App Score

Black Box Reviews


More Th>nMore Th>n Drive  More Than Drive Score

Black Box Reviews


Drivology  Drivology score

If you are good enough to get a high score why not share it? Post your score on the black box apps league and show the world just how good a driver that you are. Gain bragging rights over your friends, family and work mates.

Post your score on the Black Box Apps National League.

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