Black Box Drivers face road rage

Black Box Drivers Face Road Rage

Black Box Drivers face road rage, the real problem for black box drivers is not that big brother is supposedly watching it is the fact they are constantly harassed by other road users who tailgate them. Where ever you are in the country, what ever type of road you are on, whether it is rural or urban, if you drive at the recommended speed limit you are  bound to be the victim of tailgating. It seem to be that whatever the speed limit if the general flow of traffic is above the speed limit you are expected to maintain the flow even if it takes you over the limit.

Whilst that might be acceptable if your driving is not monitored and you just go along with the flow there is no harm done and everyone is happy, this all changes though when you add black box monitoring.

When this is put into the equation the fact that you are travelling above the speed limit is recorded. If you use the same route every day during your commute/school run etc. as most of us do you will encounter the same traffic  flowing at the same speed every day. If you join the flow and drive at the average speed which is above the recommended limit you will be recorded as continually driving above the limit and this will affect not only your driving score but your premium too.

If you do not want to be penalised you join this traffic flow on your daily commute but instead of driving with the flow above the limit you drive below the recommended limit, on doing this though you begin to impede the flow of traffic. The second that you do this you encounter problems, you have drivers behind you that feel that they are being impeded, they are driving slower than they want, they can’t get past you and begin to get frustrated.

When drivers get frustrated problems arise, they can all to easily become aggressive and as a result take their frustrations out on the person whom they believe to be the offender. If you are just driving along at the speed limit you can all to easily unwittingly become the victim of such unwarranted aggression as someone behind you takes offense by mistakenly believing that you are holding them up.

Black Box Drivers face road rage

This mistake belief can lead to unacceptable behaviour, behaviour that is threatening, dangerous and even fatal. Most commonly tailgating is Black Box Drivers Face Road Ragethe the main threat, (cars driving to close to the rear of your car) there are other forms of dangerous behaviour such as aggressive overtaking, (cars swerve in after overtaking) or punishment braking (overtaking and slamming on brakes)  all of these designed to punish you for going too slow in their eyes.

How mad is that you can be punished by some misguided drivers just because you have no option other than to drive at the recommended speed in order to protect you driving record.

Black Box Drivers face road rage

Now I do not know about you but I have no time for this type of person and no matter how they try to intimidate me I will not yield to their pressure. If I have to drive below the limit that is what I will do.  There is no one who will intimidate me, however, if I were not a stubborn ex paratrooper I might find that behaviour very frightening, especially if I were a young girl recently passed her test and trying to keep her premiums low by using black box insurance. Indeed most law abiding drivers would be intimidated by this kind of behaviour.

There are 37 million insured drivers on our roads today and less than 100,000 black box policy holders therefore if you are a black box driver and have to adhere to the speed limit because you are being monitored you are in the minority and will be for some time. As the numbers of black box drivers grows and it is reckoned that within the next 5 years half of the driving population will be using black box, that means half the population will be driving within the limits and half will still be free to drive at whatever speed that they wish. It will undoubtedly lead to more frustration and a greater increase of  road rage.

Black Box Drivers face road rage

You can protect yourself against incidences of road rage however, Black Box Reviews have launched a range of car stickers to advise drivers that you are monitored by black box insurance and that you have to adhere to the speed limit.tailgating02

You should not have to put up with road rage just because you are driving within the speed limit, but police are powerless and cannot be everywhere to deal with every incident of tailgating or road rage. You are therefore pretty much on your own when you take to the streets and at the mercy of the road bullies. The best way to get them off your back so to speak is display a courteous sticker explaining that because of black box insurance you have to keep within the speed limit and that will hopefully dispel any anger they feel about being behind your car, and they will hopefully pass you at the first opportunity.

Black box reviews have created a range of advisory stickers that you can attach to the back bumper or screen of your car. These advisory stickers will be clearly visible on the back of your car and will hopefully deter other less patient drivers from tailgating you in the future. The stickers are priced at a reasonable £4.75 and will ensure that you can travel to and from your destination free from road rage.

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