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 Black Box Insurance AppsBlack Box Insurance Apps

Did you know that Black Box Insurance Apps could save you up to 20% off your car insurance premiums. For some though the thought of having a telematics device fitted to their car may be something of a worry for some drivers, however smartphone apps might just be the solution to their concerns:

The new easy-to download and use driving apps show people how good a driver they are at the touch of a button, whilst earning rewards and discounts on their insurance premiums.

These apps mirror in-car telematics technology which is where a black box is fitted to a car monitoring driving performance and potentially allowing good drivers to benefit from cheaper car insurance premiums.

These apps allow drivers who are interested in telematics but are unsure about installing a little black box in their car, to “try before you buy.”

These apps are free to download from Google Play and Apple’s App Store and uses innovative mobile phone technology which is already available in Android and iPhones. The operating systems for the app are Android version 2.3 or later and iPhone 4 or later versions.

Smartphone apps monitor and scores a driver based on the following criteria:

  • Number of journeys made
  • Distances travelled
  • Types of roads used
  • Speed
  • Time of travel
  • Levels of acceleration and braking
The way that the user drives is recorded using  the GPS signal on their mobile phone and is not dependent on using the mobile phone network, therefore drivers do not have to worry about about driving through a mobile phone black spot and losing coverage. They must have the phone in a prominent position though in order for the phone to connect with the GPS satellite.

The behaviour of the user is monitored every second using set criteria chosen by the app provider which filters the quality of the GPS data. This enables the insurer to get the most accurate evaluation of their driving behaviour, e.g. if a driver is caught in congestion, they will not be marked for driving too slowly, the app will register the location and traffic build-up and this will be filtered from their driving score, ensuring the driver score is accurate and a true reflection of their behaviour on that journey.

How to Get a High Black Box Score

It is relatively easy to complete the evaluation and qualify for a discount of up to 20% on your car insurance by getting a high black box score if you drive with care and avoid harsh braking and acceleration you should have no problem. If you are unsure of how to drive to the standard required watch my short video on how to get a high black box score.



Popular Black Box Insurance Apps

Below are some of the most popular black box insurance apps.


More Than App First ReviewMore Th>n Drive App


MORE THAN DRIVE is a free app that is designed to use the GPS features within your phone to provide information around your driving.



More Than App First Review

The App will record details around your journeys over a 200 mile period. If you prefer, the App can even record

your journeys for you automatically. We will give you a personalised score out of 100 (100 being the safest). Along the way we will let you know how you are doing and give you some help in knowing where you can improve to get your score as high as possible.

To make it a little more interesting you can earn badges as you go and post them to Facebook and Twitter to share with your friends. MORE THAN DRIVE also lets you invite your friends and family to join you so that you can compare your scores against each other. We will even show you where you rank in your county and the country. Will you make it to the top of the rankings? Are you the safest driver in your household?


Download the More Th>n Drive App From the Google Play Store

Direct Line App

Direct Line DrivePlus App


Download the free DrivePlus app and see whether you are a safe driver.
Record a minimum of 200 miles and you may be eligible for a discount depending on your score.Who is the Drive Plus App for?This app is for new and existing drivers who want to monitor their driving to receive a discount off their insurance.Continued use of GPS running can dramatically decrease battery life.Version Update:Direct Line App
Automatic ‘tagging’ of train and plane journeys
Voluntarily ‘tag’ journeys if you are not the driver i.e. passenger, bus etc
Phone calls, braking and acceleration incidents shown on the journey maps for guidance
Password retrieval
Auto start/stop improvements

Download the Direct Line DrivePlus App From the Google Play Store

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Drive Smart

Drive Safe Telematics Smartphone App


Want to prove to your insurer how safely you drive? You can with Drive Smart. We’ll install a little, mobile-sized “telematics” gadget in your car, and measure things like your speed and braking. Then we can see if you’re a safe driver and reward you for it.Our handy Drive Smart App lets you see how we’ll rate your driving before you take out a policy, so there are no nasty surprises!How it Works:Drive Smart is a state-of-the-art Telematics Smartphone App, allowing drivers to be rated on how they drive and rewarding safer driving.
Using a complex algorithm, Drive Smart monitors and rates a number of key areas of your driving including.- SpeedDrive Smart1
– Congestion
– Night Time Driving (11pm – 5am)
– Familiarity with the roads you use
– Braking
– The Length of your trips
You can use Drive Smart as a “Try Before You Buy” or if you’ve opted to use a Smartphone for a mid-term policy amendment. Drive Smart on Android comes complete with Auto Start and Auto Stop, so you don’t even need to use the App, just makes sure your phone is switched on and situated in a safe, firm location within the car and when we’ve scored your data, we’ll send you a push notification to let you know your feedback’s available to view.Once you’ve tried it out and driven 200 miles, we will give you a score. If you have good feedback you can visit to see how much you could save on your premium. Drive Smart is also available through the price comparison sites Tiger, Q4, Totally Money & shortly too. DriveSmart is a great tool for helping you save money and improving your driving style. Our brilliant little app can also detect if you’ve had an accident/incident and its helpful little incident report function allows you to quickly and easily notify us of your accident and even send us pictures of what’s happened along with your exact location.Our Drive Smart Smartphone App can be used in conjunction with your online dashboard once registered to give you even more feedback on how we rate your driving style.Don’t forget our Drive Smart App is free to download, so there’s really no harm in trying.

Download the Drive Smart Insurance App  here

Download Drive Smart App Here


Intelligent Marmalade App

Intelligent Marmalade App


Intelligent Marmalade is a fun app the allows you to record your journeys and get a feel for what could be the future of insurance. Here is how Intelligent Marmalade works: first register an account – this allows you to log on to all your journey data via our website Intelligent Marmalade tells you how good a driver you are out of a possible score of 100. Depending on how good of a driver you will be given an estimated saving on your insurance premium.By improving your score you will become a safer driver and safer drivers are a more attractive proposition to insurance companies as they are a lower risk – the lower the risk, the lower the premium from insurers which operate the telematics based scheme.Start the app when you staIntelligent Marmalade Apprt driving and stop it when you reach your destination. You can leave your phone anywhere in the car, but make sure that it does not move around as that will negatively affect your score.A few points to remember:* Intelligent Marmalade will not advise a score under 56% – our minimum standard of driving. This is to stop drivers seeking a poor score as a challenge.* The data from journeys that you have made will be hosted on our servers. Information includes the ABCs of driving – Acceleration, Braking, Cornering and speed and is used by us to calculate a score and this information remains personal to you. How you choose to use that information is up to you.* If you delete a journey from your handset, the information will remain on our server.* Data Protection Act – the data gathered by your phone is personal to you. By downloading and using Intelligent Marmalade smartphone app, you effectively give us permission to use this personal information to report back to your phone. We will then use similar algorithms to those we use for Intelligent Marmalade, our telematics based insurance scheme, and present you with a score out of 100 for each journey. Just press “start” and “finish” and you’re away!Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Download the intelligent marmalade app From the Google Play Store

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 Soteria App

SoteriaDrive App


Rate your driving with SoteriaDrive today and see how you could save on your insurance premiums. SoteriaDrive is the UK’s first whole of market telematics insurance solution, allowing older and more experienced drivers to make savings on their insurance with telematics for the first time alongside their younger or less experienced counterparts.How it Works:SoteriaDrive is a state-of-the-art data collection Smartphone App, allowing drivers to be rated on how they drive instead of by the category they would traditionally fit into.Using a complex algorithm,
SoteriaDrive monitors and rates four key areas of your driving.
– Speed
– Braking
– Night Time Driving (11pm – 5am)
– FamiliarityYou can use SoteriaDrive as a “Try Before You Buy” or as a permanent part of your SoteriaDrive Motor insurance Policy.
Soteria Drive App
Once you’ve tried it out and driven a few miles, Soteria will give you a score. If you’ve got a good score or get good feedback you can visit your high street broker to see how much you could save on your premium. SoteriaDrive can also detect if you’ve had an accident/incident and its handy little incident report function allows you to quickly and easily notify your insurer of your accident and even send them pictures of what’s happened.
You can even use it to request they call YOU! Once you’ve registered, your SoteriaDrive app it allows them to tell you how well they think you drive, journey by journey with an overall daily score at the end of each day. It also sends you regular emails to let you know which areas they think you do well on and which areas could do with some improvement.

  Download the SoteriaDrive App From the Google Play Store

Aviva Drive App

Aviva Drive App


How does it work?
Our app is free to download and uses your phone’s inbuilt GPS to track your driving.
•Clock up 200 miles of journeys – along the way collect different driving skills badges and share your progress on Facebook and Twitter.
•At 200 miles, Aviva Drive will give an individual driving score between 0-10 (10 being the safest). The app will show you how your score compares vs the national average. Then you can even compare your driving score against your friends on Facebook.
•We’ll use your score to give you driving feedback and to calculate any personalised discount you have earned on your car insurance – so you could pay up to 20% less when you come direct to us.Other Important stuff!
•Optimum accuracy – A number of things can affect the precision of the GPS signal your phone receives. So for the best results and to ensure we give you a score which most accurately reflects your driving, we recommend you use an in-car cradle or at least place your iPhone in a stable position on your dashboard. We try not to use GPS data which could be unreliable, so you may find the mileage recorded by the app for some journeys is less than your actual mileage driven•Battery usage – GPS often requires more battery power. If you’re planning a long journey, make sure you have a full battery before you start, and consider using an in-car charger•Low scores – Any score of 3.1 and above recognises your safer driving behaviour and is rewarded with a discount. And while the safest drivers could get a discount of up to 20%, Aviva won’t penalise drivers with lower scores. Our competitive standard premium will still be available, but without the extra discount.•Your data – The data we collect will be used to help us build an understanding of your driving behaviour and Aviva Drive Apprisk, and will adhere to the high standards that Aviva apply for all customer data collected.Join in the fun online, and post your progress on Facebook and Twitter. You can also collect driving skills badges along the way to show off your top driving skills, plus see how you shape up against the UK average.* Between 14 November 2012 and 17 April 2013 19% qualified for the maximum saving of 20% and 50% qualified for 10%. The discount depends on your score and premium – minimum premium of £200.Discount available on one car per policy only (applied to the first car that the principal policyholder is identified as being the main driver of). Discount is calculated after any eligible offers have been deducted. Discount does not apply to optional extras. Aviva Drive discounts apply from 28 May 2013, we reserve the right to review or change the discounts on a quarterly basis.

Download the Aviva Drive App From the Google Play Store

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Hasting Direct Smartapp

Hastings Direct SmartApp


This Usage Based Insurance Telematics application enables drivers to measure and store their driving behavior and history that, with their explicit permission, allows a broker or Insurer to offer substantial discounts through optimum policy premium costs and targeted policy features as well as advice on driving improvement

Download the Hastings Direct Smartapp  From the Google Play Store

Only Smart Drivers App

Only Smart Drivers App


Only Smart Drivers (OSD) has been designed as an Insurance Telematics solution for “Young Drivers” that runs on a smartphone device.It is envisaged that once the application is installed, according to the policy terms and conditions, this will become your motor Insurance policy on your device. The OSD solution will become part of your overall motor insurance policy cover. The application uses the available sensors on the device GPS (location services) and the accelerometer to monitor and assess driver risk. The application will run in the background and trips will be triggered on speed and closed when the device has been below our speed threshold for a set amount of time.
The data that is collected is assessed locally on the phone, stored temporarily and then uploaded via secure Only Smart Drivers 1connection to the cloud. The application uploads in the region of 30MB of data a month and there is an option to choose to upload this data, to the cloud, using the SIM card (and data allowance) or via Wi-FI. Wi-Fi only data transfer can be chosen voluntarily or enforced to reduce personal data costs.The application will count down the miles until the driver reaches 200 miles, and then presents a score out of 100 and an associated OSD colour ranking based on risk profiles. OSD will communicate via the application and provide the driver with feedback and relevant driving services via the application. Drivers with a “lower risk” profile will be rewarded.

Download the Only Smart Drivers App  From the Google Play Store