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The Black ListThe BlackList Black Box Insurance Complaints

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The BlackList Black Box Insurance Complaints

QUESTION: What is The BlackList?
ANSWER: The BlackList is a platform where you can post a complaint about poor service that you have had from a black box insurance provider, as long as you suggest a solution.

QUESTION: Who can become a BlackList user?
ANSWER: Anyone who has had a black box insurance policy and received poor service can become a BlackList user.

QUESTION: What is The BlackList’s mission?
ANSWER: The BlackList’s mission is to give customers of  black box insurance companies a voice, a place to air their complaints.

QUESTION: Does it cost money to sign up with The BlackList and become a user?
ANSWER: No, it is free to become a BlackList user.

QUESTION: Why use The BlackList?
ANSWER: The BlackList is all about you, it is controlled by you, and only you  can ensure Write a black box insurance complaintthe accuracy of the information about the individual black box insurance providers.

When you put in your complaint we will post that complaint on the relevant insurers complaint page.

This will enable visitors at a glance to see who are the most complained about providers and enable them to find out exactly what the common complaints are about each provider.

QUESTION: Is The BlackList affiliated with any corporation or other entity?
ANSWER: No, The BlackList maintains its integrity by remaining independent of corporate sponsors, government agencies, or other such organizations.

QUESTION: How does The BlackList help me after I enter a complaint?Complaint_Department
ANSWER:  When it is noted through the complaints that there seems to be a particular problem then we will run a poll on that issue and send the results to the offending company asking them to resolve the problem. We can hopefully work with companies to resolve any issues that may arise with this new technology and help to smooth the transition to monitored insurance.

Should companies fail to comply with the request they then run the risk of sliding down the rankings and out of contention for new business. Hopefully you can understand now that the power review sites have and Black Box Insurance Reviews being the number one review site for black box insurance has more clout than most. By using this site and writing honest complaints (there is no need for drama or fabrication) you the individual do actually count as does your complaint.

QUESTION: How do I put my complaint on the BlackList?
ANSWER: Use the comments form below to register your complaint.


With your help The BlackList will keep black Box Insurance Providers in check and point out any problems with the service that they provide.

With your help The BlackList will help point out to providers failings in their service.

With your help The BlackList will get providers to change their service and provide a better experience for all of their customers.

We hope that The BlackList will prove invaluable to those who are seeking  a provider who provides good service to their customers.

Thank you for reading The BlackList Black Box Insurance Complaints

  • Sarah Cowan Mccool

    I am now 6 weeks away from completing my first years driving via Girls drive Better Telematic Insurance. To be frank it’s been a somewhat emotional and stormy relationship and if information was suitably clear and allowing me the customer to make an informed choice then I would have never made the dreaded mistake of purchasing a telematic policy with a new/young insurance broker.
    It is advisable to point out that telematic boxes record all incidences of driving and do not record the diagnostics as to why you may have had to brake at 40% ….? So alas I find myself posting a cheque for £250 to Girls Drive Better for braking on 7 occasions at 40% and it has been verbally explained to me that it is a fine by my broker…. There is no template or algorithm to show me how this broker calculated the figure of £250.00, and being only weeks away from completing my policy – I am in a position to pay this bizarre fine or have my policy cancelled. I have looked at other telematic insurances and their “fines” are £100.00 and I feel that there needs to be a standardised system that is global and universal across all telematic brokers. It has made me feel very disgruntled and even to the point I am concerned to brake abruptly…. So alas my personal experience is negative and I hope others considering this broker be vigilant and review their conditions with a fine tooth comb. For those from Northern Ireland be cautious of the impact coastal areas/landscape as this can interfere with the telematic readings. Thank you.