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Amazing New Way To Reduce Your Insurance CostsCool New Way To Reduce Your Insurance Costs

Young drivers car insurance costs are one of the driving forces behind the recent explosion of black box insurance companies that have popped up.

This involves the driver having a black box installed in their car and their every journey monitored. This can be extremely difficult for young drivers who have very little driving experience and have had little chance to develop the road-craft, knowledge and skills that would make them into the expert drivers that they would need to be to achieve the top black box driving score, which will enable them to get maximum discount on their insurance policy. In return they might qualify for up to 20% off their car insurance premium.

It is like asking a new student to pass their degree exam on the first day of university. How can young drivers be expected to drive like experienced drivers with very little training or experience in the differing road traffic and weather conditions that we have in this country.

It is nigh on impossible for them to maintain this level of driving continuously, indeed over the past few years that we have been monitoring black box insurance it is becoming increasingly apparent through the Twittershpere that many of those who have tried it are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the idea of being monitored whilst they are driving and are opting for the more expensive traditional forms of insurance in order to get rid of the boxes that they have in their cars.

Cool New Way To Reduce Your Insurance Costs

At Black Box Reviews we have teamed up with to offer young drivers an  alternative way to reduce their insurance costs. With CarQuids you can save yourself a fortune on your car insurance costs. You can advertise on your car, earn money every month and put it aside for your next car insurance bill. You can earn up to £1200 pounds per year just by advertising on your car and you can use this money as you wish. If you are savvy you will put it aside for your insurance, if you are mad you will just use it to party, whatever, it is your money.


Pimp Your Car Make It Cool

A range of cool graphics could pimp your car up and make it stand out from the crowd, you could be the coolest on the street and the only one with the comcool way to reduce your car insurancemon sense to make their car work for them.

Your Car Can Earn You Money

If you had the chance to reduce your car insurance by advertising on your car would you do it?

There is an opportunity for young drivers to earn money just by advertising on their car.

How Does CarQuids Advertising Work?

1) How much can I earn advertising on my own car?

It depends on the advertisers that you are matched with as well as the size and type of advert applied to your car. Typically you can earn up to £100 per month.

2) Can I choose which advertisements I have on my car?

Yes, you would never have to display an advert that you are not comfortable or happy with. You have the right to refuse a particular brand or advertisement if you do not want it on your car.

Does this sound appealing to you?

You could be one of the first to get in on this amazing opportunity by registering you interest cool way to reduce your insurancebelow.

Can you imaging being paid up £1200 a year just to advertise on your car?

How much would that reduce your insurance by?

If you can see the potential to reduce your insurance or just make money from your car, if you want to be the coolest kid on the block, you can register your interest in CarQuids by clicking on the button below.

Or alternatively you can try your hand at black box insurance and see how far you get. All that hassle, lack of freedom, and constant monitoring for a possible paltry 20% off your insurance, that is if you can even qualify for a discount or an instant guarantee of up to £1200 per year for simply pimping up your car and making it look cool.

I know which I would choose.

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