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Direct Line DrivePlus App First Review


The Direct Line DrivePlus app is one of the latest additions to the burgeoning smartphone insurance apps market.
We download and tested the free DrivePlus app which promises to enable you to see whether you are a safe driver.
When you record 200 miles on the app it will inform you whether you may be eligible for a discount depending on your score.

Who is the Drive Plus App for?

Direct Line DrivePlus App
This app is for new and existing drivers who want to monitor their driving to receive a discount off their insurance.Continued use of GPS running can dramatically decrease battery life.Version Update:
Automatic ‘tagging’ of train and plane journeys
Voluntarily ‘tag’ journeys if you are not the driver i.e. passenger, bus etc
Phone calls, braking and acceleration incidents shown on the journey maps for guidance
Password retrieval
Auto start/stop improvements
Easy download and installation, the app is simple to understand and use.
I downloaded this app, it was easy to install and ready to go as soon as you register your details. I put it on during my usual 30 mile round trip school run. I drove at my usual pace taking care not to over accelerate or break harshly. After using the DrivePlus app for the first time I was wondering how it would perform and rate my drive,
direct line app4I was pleased with the results as I received a score of 91. The app rate drivers with a score between 1 and 100. 100 being the top score. Once you’ve driven 200 miles, you can get a discount if your score is high enough. You are eligible for a discount depending on your score and after you have collected 200 miles. However Direct Line to not tell you as far as I can see what level you need to achieve to qualify for a discount. I wonder why they they fail to inform users of this target. It would be helpful to say the least if you had something to aim for, rather than just hope that you achieve a pass rate for the discount.
It does seen rather unfair but they are not the only ones who do this, there are other apps that do the same, offer you a discount an yet fail to tel you know what level you need to achieve to get the discount, why? If you want to assess people and offer a discount at least let them know how wide the goalposts are.
Black box direct line app review
I achieved  a score of 91 and  achieved in the 90’s on each of the subsequent journeys that I made. Except from the last journey which was the shortest one, a journey of 1.4 miles and during which I know that I was driving within the speed limit and to the best of my capabilities. Strange that, perhaps it was because the journey was to short to give a proper assessment. That is something to bear in mind though, if this is the case, short journeys could affect your score.
I had completed my 200 miles and I subsequently received my discount code.
I found the app to work effectively and simple to use. It has your start screen with your ongoing score, it has a journey screen where you can see the journeys that you have completed, the time, date and mileage recorded on that journey and the score given.
As I said it is simple and easy to use and understand. I found it to be reliable and effective and I even managed to qualify for a discount if of 10%. That can’t be a bad thing.
I would recommend that you give it a go , I seems to be effective and accurate and I certainly had no problems using it.
Direct Line recon that The DrivePlus app will allow you to review your driving style and if you’re a safe driver you could get up to 10% off your Direct Line car insurance (25% of customers will achieve the full 10%).

I would rate this app as excellent, I found this app to be easy to use, and simple to understand. I feel that it was reliable and accurate and the score was a true reflection of my 40 years driving experience.

Give it a go and see if you can get your 10% discount.

How to Get a High Black Box Score

It is relatively easy to complete the evaluation and qualify for a discount of up to 20% on your car insurance by getting a high black box score if you drive with care and avoid harsh braking and acceleration you should have no problem. If you are unsure of how to drive to the standard required watch my short video on how to get a high black box score.


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  • hunter steven

    I started using the drive plus app in October 2016. The app does show target ranges for cashback and how you perform. A score of 82 and above gets top amount.
    A couple of things to watch:-
    1. if I drive for example after mid afternoon or at night I can’t reach the 82 score whereas at mid morning I can easily achieve 88 on a journey of 7.5 miles. For example I started a journey of 38 miles at 23:54 on a Saturday night, scored 5 categories scoring 5 out of 5 but 1 red for time of day category scoring 66 overall.
    2. if I stop and reverse, braking gently from a slow speed and reversing say into a parking space, the app shows up as a severe braking and affects your score. This also happens if you brake on a steep hill. I wonder if this is to do with the GPS reading false distances. If you drive on a hill the GPS does not record the correct braking distance but records the horizontal distance travelled which is less and hence as harsher braking. When changing direction I suspect, depending on the sample interval, the braking distance can also be recorded as shorter than actual.