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 Drive Like a Girl Reviews

Drive Like a Girl logo Drive Like a Girl ReviewsDrive Like a Girl Reviews

Drive Like a Girl Reviews – Drive Like a Girl is a sister company of Insure the Box young marmalade Drive Like a Girl Reviews

Therefore although Drive Like a Girl and Insure the box are relatively new companies they are  well established companies with the resources needed to ensure a safe and reliable product.

The EU Gender Ruling means that most young women are now paying more for their car insurance. There have been several companies who have spotted a gap in the market and have set up insurance packages specifically designed for young women who seek to lower their car insurance premiums in order to beat the EU Gender ruling.

Drive Like a Girl Reviews

Benefits at a glance:

  • In-tele-box fitted by one of our trained engineersthumbs up 150x150 Drive Like a Girl Reviews
  • Temporary replacement car
  • Handbag cover up to £250
  • Get you home cover
  • Misfueling cover up to £250
  • Theft tracking device
  • Accident alert
  • Dedicated UK Claims Line 24/7
  • 30 Days EU Travel
  • Personal accident cover


Drive Like a Girl Reviews

To sum it up…

Drive like a girl can help you beat the EU Gender Ruling by putting the power in your hands – letting you prove how safely you drive, and be rewarded accordingly.

All their policies provide comprehensive car insurance and the standard benefits you would expect from a reputable insurer plus some extras added to keep you and your belongings safe.


 Drive Like a Girl Reviews

woman with phone headset 150x150 Drive Like a Girl Reviews

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 Drive Like a Girl Reviews

Black Box Insurance Reviews support sexual equality and fairness.

My car gossip logo2 Drive Like a Girl ReviewsAt Black Box Insurance reviews we are all about transparency, equality and fairness we like to be proactive in helping our female readers find the best quality service avaibable. that is why we have teamed up with to enable you to source female friendly car services. It is astonishing that in this day and age there have to be sites that need to help women find services that cater for for their needs and allay the fear of  being abused by unscrupulous  service providers. is an excellent site which advises female drivers on where to find the most reliable and female friendly car services in their local area.

It has an online directory of  local female friendly motoring services that are looking to advertise their services to a specifically female market.

We would recommend that you pay them a visit to find out which companies provide the most female friendly services in your area.

Thank you for reading Drive Like a Girl Reviews

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    Drive Like a Girl Reviews – Our Opinion
    Black Box Insurance Review Rating 90%

    Drive Like a Girl have been rated as a top provider in our opinion as they are by far one of the most reviewed, talked about and searched name when it comes to black box insurance for women drivers.

    They are already the biggest player in the female black box insurance market.

    Scouring the web I have found a few comments although they are few and far between. Mainly positive with the occasional negative but nothing that cannot be put down to the fact that this is a new type of insurance and there will be problems with installation, assessment and running of this system.

    All of the newly emerging telematics insurance companies will no doubt go through teething problems before this type of insurance is fully established and Drive Like a Girl are no worse than any other provider.

    Any young woman between 17 – 25 would be well advised to try Drive Like a Girl.

    Drive Like a Girl are major players in this market and you would do well to give them a go, they look like being a good alternative in the insurance market for women drivers who are looking for a company that takes into account their needs and desires.

    Do not worry we will be monitoring them.

    If you have an Drive Like a Girl policy why not share your experience, let others know how you have been treated.

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    Was it bad?

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