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Hi I am Iain MacSween I am a telematics consultant and have been reviewing telematics insurance for the past seven years. I am also the founder of the TelematicsPro Training Program.

I have set this program up to enable instructors to grow their business by taking advantage of the technological boom that telematics insurance brings.

Find out how the TelematicsPro Training Program can help you benefit from the telematics insurance industry, increase your profits and make driving tuition an exciting and fun endeavour that your students will love by introducing them to the latest technology.

There are already a fast growing group of instructors that are taking advantage of this program. They love it and their students love the new technology that they have introduced into their training.

Here are some comments from instructors who have joined the program.

Simon Jenner – Simon Says Driver Training “The curfer is a brilliant piece of kit.. brilliant to show pupils the difference they can make by just changing a few things. They can see the effect of braking etc.. they joy they get when they get 100% on all 4 sections.
Also I love the way it tracks the routes and identifies areas where they have braked harshly etc…”

John Lendrum’s Driving School #Lendrumsdriving “It’s a brilliant teaching aid and helps raise awareness to driving. I introduced a year ago and it works really well helping to hammer home the message of smooth driving”

Kerrie Biggs Curbie Driving Excellence “All positive so far, parents loving the thought of monitoring all driving.”

Alan curry Driving instructor Curbie. “Cool. Millenials love apps. Had a lad today who I have been trying to get to slow down more on the approach to things like islands, used the Curfer to prove to him that he was doing this as he never believed me, told him about the insurance consequences and ,boom, cured!”

Roger Tull Driving Tuition Just increased my prices to £28 in January when I get going with TelematicsProTraining my prices will be over £30 – £35 per hour

You can find out more by visiting

If you like what you see on the site and are interested in joining the program, like this post for an exclusive discount and save a further £20 on the introductory offer.

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