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TomTom_LogoGPS Giant TomTom Solve Black Box Privacy Issue

GPS Giant TomTom Solve Black Box Privacy Issue. TomTom have have released a product that will solve the problem which concerns many drivers, that is the issue of privacy. Many drivers over the past few years have stated that their biggest concern regarding black box insurance is that of privacy.

At last their concerns have been addressed.

TomTom have released a product that does not use a GPS signal to monitor drivers behaviour. That means that although your car is being monitored it is not tracked by GPS and you are free to drive down any road, you can rob a bank on the way and nobody will be any the wiser.

Stephen ToombsIn an interview with Stephen Toombs from TomTom, Black Box Reviews founder Iain MacSween discussed the details of this exciting new product. Stephen explained.

Different insurers may use different algorithms to calculate your driving score such as speed, cornering, braking etc. However, there is one thing that they all have in common, they monitor your every move, every journey they know where you go, the places that you visit frequently and your behavioural patterns can be established with this data.

This for many people is an unacceptable intrusion into their personal lives and not something that they would be willing to sign up to in order to receive a discount from their insurance company.

This along with the lack of standardisation in the industry (most insurers use different algorithms to calculate your score meaning you can score highly with one insurer and not even qualify for a discount with another) is preventing the mass uptake of black box insurance. It is not until these issues are addressed will the black box telematics insurance insurance industry see anything like the uptake in this form of insurance that is projected in the future.

However, TomTom may just come up with the answer to the privacy issue, they have addressed this issue with their latest product, it does not use GPS and therefore does not track your every move, what it does do is monitor the car, not your movement.

It does this by using a dongle to record the same things as the other insurers such as speed, cornering and braking but also covers things like, Drive time by speed, Mileage by speed, Driving time by time of day, Mileage by time of day, Trip Duration, Trip Distance, Engine Load and Engine Coolant Temperature. You can then send this data to your insurer via smartphone.

The result of this is that insurers can build up a picture of your driving style and supply you with information that will enable you to improve your driving skill set.

Insurers that use this new TomTom system can have a full picture of how you drive and offer you not only a policy price that reflects how you drive, they can do it without knowing where you are going or where you have been. Now that has to be a better prospect for those who are considering black box insurance than having concerns that “Big Brother” is watching your every move.

It looks like TomTom have indeed managed to get a jump on the rest of the pack by introducing this product and will certainly be more attractive to those who have privacy concerns but would like to use black box insurance to reduce their insurance premiums.

If you are considering black box insurance and are concerned about your privacy you would be best to look out for insurers who use the TomTom system.

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