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ingenie insurance reviewsIngenie Insurance – Complaints

Do you have an Ingenie Insurance complaint?

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Unhappy about the service from insurethebox?
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Make your complaint easier, follow our simple four step guide.

488px Complaint Department Grenade 244x300 Insure The Box   insurethebox   ComplaintsInsurance companies are known for their lax attitude towards customer complaints.

You only need take a look at some of the reviews on the major comparison sites about “normal insurance” and the treatment being meted out by insurance companies towards what should be their valued customers and you will see the contempt that many of these insurers have for their customers.

Now think about it, can you imagine (if you have taken the time to look at these reviews) how much more manifest the problems are going to be if you add “black box Insurance” into the equation.

There will be disputes about driving assessment scores, disputes about how driving is monitored and records kept, disputes about penalties, disputes about extra charges and all this on top of an already hard pressed call center staff. It does not bode well for the future.

There is great potential for abuse within this system and it is only by working together can we stop any abuse of this powerful and intrusive form monitored insurance.

You can help, you, your friends and family can share your experience of black box insurance with others. Tell people of the treatment you received be it good or bad.

That is why we want you to tell us about it

Only by letting others know what has happened to you will you help yourself.

Ingenie Insurance – Complaints

If others see that someone has had the same problem as themselves and has come forward thenhappy people 300x298 Insure The Box   insurethebox   Complaints they will feel empowered to let others know of their complaint and soon we will have a consensus of opinion on a problem that seem to be recurring.

We can then run a poll or survey and determine complainants views, which we can then pass on the relevant insurance companies for dealing with. Hopefully as multiple complaints combined with customer surveys and polls arrive on their complaints desks, insurance companies will be a bit more inclined to address the problem more than they would if it were a single complainant.

If we can collectively have the power to force the black box insurance companies to listen to and take action to deal with these complaints then we can all be happy.

After you register your complain on our comments section below your best course of action would be to follow the complaints procedure outlined below.

How to make a complaint

If you are unhappy with the Ingenie Insurance Complaints procedure regarding a product or advice that you have received you can complain. Insurance companies are regulated and must have a complaints procedure in place and respond to you within set deadlines.

To make your complaint process easier, please follow our simple four step guide to making a complaint.


ingenie insurance reviews

Ingenie Insurance Complaints

Before you do this though be sure to add your complaint in our comments section below.




Step 1. Contact the company directly

Contact the company involved as soon as possible. It is usually best to write to them so that you have a record of what you have written. Contacting the company should be a relatively straightforward process that you can do yourself. You can get free help from the Financial Ombudsman Service or organisations like Citizens Advice if you need it.

Write a detailed complaint covering all the points that you wish to address, be sure to do a draft version, recheck and make any amendments needed before sending. If sending by postal service be sure to send recorded delivery.

An insurance company must respond to your complaint within eight weeks, telling you whether the complaint has been successful or why it needs more time to look into it. Some companies will send you a response just to let you know they have received your complaint and that is in the process of being dealt with.

If you have not received a satisfactory reply or conclusion to your complaint and still feel that you have need to take the process further.

Step 2 Contact the Financial Ombudsman Service

If you are not happy with the company’s response, if it rejects your complaint or you do not hear from it within eight weeks, the Financial Ombudsman Service may be able to help.

The ombudsman service is a free, independent service for settling disputes between financial services companies and their customers. It can deal with complaints about a wide range of financial matters – from pet insurance to stocks and shares.

The ombudsman service will ask the company to explain what they think happened and then decide whether to uphold your complaint. It is important you contact the ombudsman service within six months of receiving a final response from the financial company, or the ombudsman service may not be able to deal with your complaint.

Step 3. Take the matter to court

If you do not want to accept a decision by the Financial Ombudsman Service and you have not used an independent complaints scheme, as a last resort you may be able to take your case to court. You would usually start civil legal action in the county courts or High Court (in England, Wales and Northern Ireland), depending on the circumstances of the case. In Scotland, most small claims are started in the Sheriff Courts.

Hopefully you should not need to take it to this stage, however if you do you will get a definitive answer to your complaint.

Step 4. Come back and tell us.

Really! Come back and tell us, we need to hear if you have been successful or not and how the insurance company dealt with your complaint. This will give heart to others who read the page and hopefully assist them in addressing their concerns. This is how we can help each other to combat poor service and customer care within this insurance sector.

We at black box insurance reviews are dedicated to ensuring the black box insurance market is properly and fairly organised and regulated and that companies deal with any black box insurance complaints in a quick and orderly fashion.

We can only do that with your help and with that in mind we thank you in anticipation that you will feel free enough to use black box insurance reviews to air your complaint.

Thank you for reading Ingenie Insurance – Complaints.

Before you go be sure to add your Ingenie Insurance Complaints in our comments section below.