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 Hi, I am Iain MacSween founder of

The aim of this site is to keep you up to date on the latest black box insurance news and information, to give you a place to air your views and let you see what others are thinking via our polls. Should you choose to purchase black box insurance which is also known by many different terms including Telematics Insurance , GPS Car Insurance, Smartbox Insurance, Pay As You Drive and Usage Based Insurance (UBI) a place where you can get an unbiased review of the major black box insurance providers as uploaded by you the policy holders.

Pick Top Rated Black Box Providers

You can pick from the top rated black box policy providers as rated by customer review scores.

Big Brother may well be watching us but Black Box Insurance Reviews will be “watching big brother very closely.” (Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? – Who will watch the watchers?) is our logo. You can play your part in making sure that all the black box insurance providers play fair and offer the best service that they can.

You can do this by interacting, by reading the feature reports, by understanding the facts and forming your opinions, by writing your reviews and expressing that opinion and by letting others know of your experience with your black box insurance provider be it good or bad.

You only need take a look at some of the reviews on the major comparison sites about “normal insurance” and the treatment being meted out by insurance companies towards what should be their valued customers and you will see the atrocious contempt that many of these insurers have for their customers.

Now think about it, can you imagine (if you have taken the time to look at these reviews) how much more manifest the problems are going to be if you add “black box Insurance” into the equation.

There will be disputes about driving assessment scores, disputes about how driving is monitored and records kept, disputes about penalties, disputes about extra charges and all this on top of an already hard pressed call center staff. It does not bode well for the future.

There is great potential for abuse within this system and it is only by working together can we stop any abuse of this powerful and intrusive form monitored insurance.

You can help, you, your friends and family can share your experience of black box insurance with others. Tell people of the treatment you received be it good or bad.

Review Sites Are The Future

Review sites are the future of consumer control and this site will be right up there leading the fight for consumer rights. Write your review today and together we will make sure that this form of insurance is fair, affordable and delivers the life saving potential that it promises.

Have your say it is your right, and your duty to keep insurance providers in check and help others have an informed and clear understanding of exactly who the best black box insurance providers are and what type of service they offer.

It will take time, it will take honesty and it will take effort to turn this site into the site that I hope will benefit ALL drivers.

I ask for your time, patience and understanding as the site grows and I ask you for your help to make it grow, tell your friends, your family, your colleagues, if they need help in understanding what black box insurance is and how it works then let them know that they will find all the latest information, facts and reviews here.

  • At Black Box Insurance Reviews we know your top five car insurance shopping concerns:
  • Knowing you are getting the lowest possible prices.
  • Finding information that is trustworthy.
  • Having confidence that you are getting the coverage that you need.
  • Being able to design a suitable insurance package.
  • Accessing great customer service.
Black Box Insurance Reviews – What We Offer

We offer trustworthy information and open reviews on all the major black box insurance providers. Allowing you to assess the companies not only by price, but by customer service as reviewed by you the public. This will enable you make an informed decision on which company best meets your needs.

This site is all about you the reader, it is controlled by you, and only you the reader can ensure the accuracy of the information about the individual black box insurance providers.

When you put in your review and rate each provider the review program that operates the site will place each provider in order of the review scores that they receive resulting in a league table that shows site visitors black box insurance providers in order of rank.

This will enable visitors at a glance to see who are the top performing providers and enable them to make an informed decision on which provider that they would like to use according to their requirements.

When it is noted through the reviews that there seems to be a particular problem then we will run a poll on that issue and send the results to the offending company asking them to resolve the problem. We can hopefully work with companies to resolve any issues that may arise with this new technology and help to smooth the transition to monitored insurance.

Should companies fail to comply with the request they then run the risk of sliding down the rankings and out of contention for new business. Hopefully you can understand now that the power review sites have and Black Box Insurance Reviews being the number one review site for black box insurance has more clout than most. By using this site and writing honest reviews (there is no need for drama or fabrication) you the individual do actually count as does your review.

Black box insurance is new, it is revolutionary, it will take time to resolve all the issues that will arise but with this site and your help we will make a difference.

It will take time to build up the reviews section of the site but the news and information side is up to date and accurate.

I would recommend that you read what the companies are offering and see which company best suits your needs before making a decision.

You can always try the insurance to see if it is for you, like I have said before it will become compulsory at some point regardless of all the debate and unless you are conspiracy theorist or an aggressive, law breaking speed freak who thinks the public highway is their own personal race track you have nothing to fear.

As for the rest of us who can and sometimes do drive selfishly and thoughtlessly and flout the law as and when it suits us, it will make you think a bit more before you do it. You will drive better, you will consume less fuel, you will be safer, and you will save money, not only on fuel but insurance too and that has to be a good thing in this climate, as car running costs have just recently been reported as being the number one drain on household finances for many homes.

Let me say, speaking from experience, it really does reduce your stress levels and make driving more pleasurable or so I have found. That is my opinion however, if you choose to try black box insurance and would like to share your experience, come back and visit us to let others know of your experience be it good or bad.

Select the black box provider of your choice, get your quote, try black box insurance and share your experience with us let us know what you think of the experience. 

Yours sincerely,

Iain MacSween

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