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SEO Google and Your Telematics SiteSEO Google and Your Telematics Site

SEO Google and Your Telematics Site – How important is SEO to your website, it is vitally important, it is so important that with out it your business could lose search position, you could drop out of the Google rankings, and as a result lose prominence and money as a result.

The simple fact is if you are not on Google’s first page you are not doing business, it fact if you are not on the top three you will just not be in the running. Most searchers simply click on the first three results, with the top position taking on average 50% of all search traffic.

How Can You Get on Google Page One?

So how can you get on page one of Google and how can you get to position one for your preferred search term? Google tell us that a well scripted site which is properly optimised and with good well written content and a proven degree of popularity will eventually reach a position of prominence and trust and as a result achieve a high Google ranking.

I have struggled with this concept as I try to achieve a relevant ranking for my site. I have outsourced SEO to two Asian subcontinent SEO experts and even an SEO service provided by my hosting service whom you would expect to be expert in this area only to find none of them could quite manage to provide the quality of service that they boasted. As a result I was forced to take time out of doing what I should be doing (which is providing a quality information service for my readers and followers) to try and get to grips with the problem myself.

I have over the past few months managed to optimise the life out of my site so that it was free from any glaring problems. As far as I am aware it is free from errors and has only some duplicate content issues, this leads to another problem, some sites need to have duplicate content on different pages especially on instruction pages and the like, so why should you be penalised for this. Surely within the algorithm there can be included the ability to differentiate between pages that are similar and include instructions and information and pages that are copied from other sources.

With that said I have optimised my site to the best of my ability and I am sure that there are many of you who have specific departments to deal with this problem. So my site is optimised, in general my site has relevant unique content, is popular on all the popular social media networks, is continually added to with fresh relevant content and as yet I have failed to see any progress for my efforts. I achieved higher ranking when the site was still in it’s infancy with many errors, little content and no social profile, so what is going on?

What is going on with Google Search?

What is the ProblemI look at my preferred search term example “black box insurance reviews” on page one the top two positions are held by Which a consumer magazine, position three is held by The Student Room which is a student forum and position four by another forum The RAC forum. There is only one actual black box company that has managed to establish itself on page one and that is Ingenie the rest of sites on the page are comparison sites and the like. There are no sites apart form Ingenie that are current and relevant, the top sites who have been there for the past couple of years are there by virtue of posts that are up to two years old.

How is this helpful to searchers who are looking for current and factual information on a fast moving  industry? People need to be able to keep up to-date with the fast changing environment of telematics insurance and posts from irrelevant sites that are years out of date are unhelpful to say the least and to this end Google are failing.

Why is This Happening?

It appears to me in the research that I have been doing is that one of the biggest influencers in Google ranking is the LIS (Link Influence Score) it appears that the better your score the better the position that you achieve. The LIS is calculated by the sites that link to your site, the better their position the more of a LIS score that you gain and the further up the ranking that you climb. However in today’s climate not many sites are willing to link to others for fear of being penalised although this is a popular misconception, (you will only be penalised for excessive or spammy links and Google can spot this a mile off) if you approach many webmasters they will simply refuse to link quoting that we do not link due to Google SEO policy.

This being the case many sites that are relevant cannot achieve their rightful position due to low LIS and the inability to increase it due to webmasters no linking policy. This is why we have searches full of inappropriate out of date articles dominating search results and it will only change when this policy changes. People deserve the most up to-date information they can get and not something that could almost be defined as history when they do their searches. For people like myself who are trying to provide this service in a fast moving environment it is frustrating.

 So what to do about it

Can we fix itWe can begin by helping each other and changing this policy. is the hub of information on black box telematics insurance, it is a fair and unbiased platform which benefits insurance companies and consumers alike. It is here for the duration, helping and informing consumers and insurers of the latest trends and feeling in the market and it can only do that from a position of strength. Black box reviews needs to be on Google page one for the search term “black box insurance reviews” not only page one but position one and it can only do that with your help.

If you are involved in the telematics insurance sector then you must realise the importance and relevance of such a site, it promotes your products in an impartial way and feeds back to you the feelings of the consumer. You need sites like black box reviews and they need you. If you want to help in the promotion of black box insurance (and god knows it is gong to be hard enough to convince the general public that monitored insurance is a good thing) then if you have a site in the telematics insurance sector you have to help sites like black box reviews by offering a backlink.

Now I am a hard nosed Glaswegian who does not like to ask from help from anybody, I prefer to do things my way and get where I want to go off the back of my own efforts. However, in this case I am powerless, in the situation that I find myself in I am humble enough to understand that I need to ask for help. That said I need YOUR help.

If you are in the telematics insurance sector and are a webmaster or in a position of influence I am appealing to you for help, it is the aim of black box reviews to report and promote the introduction of  black box telematics insurance, your product. If you want your customers to see the latest news and reviews of the products in your sector instead of two and three year old news and student review articles then I ask you to help black box reviews by offering to host a link to our homepage on your site.

As far as I can see this seems to be one of the major factors that Google take into consideration when calculating the ranking of sites and unless I can improve the LIS of black box reviews it will languish in obscurity.

Your potential customers are searching for the truth, we give them the truth, good honest reviews, up to the minute news and the opportunity to share their opinions via polls and surveys. Black box reviews can only be in vanguard of this industry, promoting and encouraging and extolling to the world the virtues of this new technology.

If you can help by offering a backlink we will in return offer a reciprocal link on a partners page that we will set up to show Google and our readers which companies endorse black box reviews and are happy to be associated with us.

If you are able and willing to offer a reciprocal link email: it will be greatly appreciated and will hopefully get us to a position whereby we can promote telematics insurance and it’s benefits to the greatest possible audience.

It is only by helping each other that we can ensure that our companies, that is companies who are relevant to and involved in telematics insurance (not newspapers and the like) can reach the position in search engines that they require for the search term that their potential customers search for. Then they will be able to read the up to date information that they sought.

Thank you for reading SEO Google and Your Telematics Site