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How Will Telematics Impact Driving Instructors in the FutureWould you love to drive?

Do you love gaming?

Why not combine the two and gamify your driving tuition. We have brought driver training into the 21st century with our telematics training courses.

Learn to drive, make it interactive and fun. No more boring driving lessons, you can use state of the art digital technology to gamify your lessons.

We use the world renowned TomTom CURFER digital driving assistant to help you with your training.

Each student that signs up with one of our telematics training courses will receive a free TomTom CURFER that they can take away with them complete with their own personalised driving score that they can show to insurers to prove how good their driving score is.

What can the digital driving assistant do for you? It can make learning to drive fun. You will be able to see at a glance in real time how you are driving, you will be able to review your lessons on Google maps and you will be able to see at a glance where you have made a mistake and how to improve. You will during your training be able to build up a personalised score that you can take with you to prove to the world how good you are. Share with friends and family, challenge them to do better.

Who said driving tuition needs to be boring, have fun get in on the technological revolution that is sweeping the driving tuition industry.

Here’s what some driving instructors are telling us about their students reactions to telematics training.

“Students love it. Gives them an incentive to beat their score & subconsciously improve their driving!!!”

“It’s good.. only issue is pupils are scoring better than me lol..
You can definitely tell.when you practice emergency stop!!
Love the way it can track the route as well.”

If you would like to try learning to drive with the latest technology why not ask your local instructor about a telematics training course.

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