Top 5 Black Box Driving Tips

Top 5 Black Box Driving TipsBlack box insurance will revolutionise driving, no longer will the freedom of he open roads belong to you, you will be constricted, compelled to drive within the law and in a calm and relaxed manner failure to do so will lead to you being penalised by your insurance company. Repeat offenders may well be refused insurance.

That said how do you drive in a way that will ensure that you comply with the insurance company’s requirements for black box insurance? have come up with 5 top driving tips to ensure that you keep on the good side of your black box insurance company and comply with their criteria for a safe monitored black box driver. If you follow these top tips and instill them into your mindset from the very beginning of your policy, you should have a happy and relaxed driving experience and a continuously low priced insurance policy.

Top 5 Black Box Driving Tips


Top 5 Black Box Driving Tips  Mindset – First and foremost your mindset has to change, you have to develop the self awareness to understand that from the moment that you turn on your car ignition you are being monitored and any movement that your vehicle makes will be tracked and fed back to your insurance company.

Your insurance company will base your premiums an your driving style and if you have a poor driving style you will be penalised, on the contrary if you have a good driving style you will be rewarded. Therefore the only way to maintain a good driving style and reduced premiums is to actually remember the fact that on every journey you take you are being monitored.

It sounds simple and you would think that everyone would remember something like the fact that their driving was being monitored. However it is not that simple, there are a multitude of things that can distract you and take your mind off the fact that you are being monitored and you may only realise that your driving style was poor when your insurance company notifies you of a penalty.

It is important that you remember that you are being monitored and let nothing distract you.


Top 5 Black Box Driving Tips  Preparation – It may sound simple but prepare for your journey whenever possible. Whenever  you are going on a journey try to create a mental picture in your mind of where you are going, how you will get there and how long it will take you to get there. If you know the road try to visualise it in your mind, see yourself driving along the route and arriving safely at your destination. It will surprise you how this will help you relax and prepare for your journey. If you do not know the journey that you are taking then you would be best to plan it by road atlas or sat nav either of these will enable to to have a good idea of where your are going and how long it will take you to get there and this will help you prepare for any eventualities and give you the chance to look for potential alternative routes in case of congestion. Preparation and planning will reduce stress and enable you to give yourself enough time to make the journey safely and in reasonable time and prevent you from feeling the need to drive faster that the road conditions and speed limits that apply.


Top 5 Black Box Driving Tips  Control – The most important tip that I can give is to remember that it is you who is in control of the vehicle and it is you who is responsible for the way that you drive. Insurance companies will monitor the way that you drive by monitoring the way that you accelerate, brake and corner it is therefore imperative that you learn to master these techniques.

  • Acceleration – Be sure that you always accelerate gently. Never press your accelerator to the floor unless you are completing an overtaking maneouver  and even then as soon as it is completed reduce your acceleration to acceptable levels. Allow yourself enough time for each journey so that you do not feel compelled to accelerate to get to your destination.
  • Braking – When driving try to read the road conditions in front of you. Look to ease of on the accelerator rather than use the brakes, if you keep enough distance between you and the vehicle in front when they slow down you should only need to lift your foot off the accelerator and slow down whilst maintaining the same distance, if you still need to brake do so but do it gently. Likewise be careful when in traffic, there is no need to accelerate up to the vehicle in front and brake, try maintaining a constant speed and constant distance between you and the vehicle in front.
  • Cornering – When coming to a bend in the road there is no need to brake if you are traveling at the proper speed and conditions for the road. Sharp bends will be sign posted and if approached at the recommended speed there will be no need to brake it will prevent you from getting into a brake, accelerate, brake, accelerate, cycle that can be frustrating to other road users behind you and can actually be the cause of congestion.

Top 5 Black Box Driving Tips  Consideration – Be considerate to other road users. Are you in that much of a hurry that you can’t allow someone to join the flow of traffic from side street during the rush hour. We are all trying to get where we are going in a timely manner it is nice if we can all show consideration towards each other on our journey it is called being civilised. You may very well come across rude, aggressive, inconsiderate and selfish drivers, do you really want someone thinking that you are one of that ilk?


Top 5 Black Box Driving Tips  Safety – Be careful think about what you are doing.  Do not drive too close to the car in front,  always overtake safely,  always drive according to the road conditions. Do you regularly check your rear-view mirror? Do you always check your door mirror before overtaking or completing a right turn. Do you always keep your lights on in rain, fog, snow or adverse conditions? Simple things that will keep you and other road usesr safe.


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