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Car Insurance – Watch Out Before You Buy!


Buying car is a big step for any person but we have seen that car insurance is more of just a formality among Indian buyers. It is often considered something that must be done just because the rule says and people often tend to buy the cheaper insurance available. But this is the wrong approach, something that can cause a lot of trouble in case of any damage or accident if not taken care of properly at the time of purchase. Cheaper car insurance usually means that they are providing less coverage but expensive can be no better. Check car insurance quotes online before you purchase and make sure to compare various quotes and coverage that is being offered.

Every car owner should be aware of basic terms and conditions of car insurance and know their rights in case of any damage to the car. This way you can also predict the coverage you are looking for your car, which can mean lower premium with higher facilities. Here are some points that a car buyer should watch out for when they buy car insurance:

Third Party Insurance

Each and every car must have a third party insurance, as per Indian rules and regulations. If you buy any new or used car, make sure it at-least has a third party insurance to cover you. Third party insurance provides cover to any damage against third party property or person who is neither insurer nor the insured. This cover will keep any person driving the car safe from claim charges for any property damage that happens during the accident and also protect from legal actions directly against the driver of vehicle involved in accident. However, theThird party insurance does not protect the driver or the vehicle during the accident.


Comprehensive Cover

The Comprehensive Cover policy will provide coverage to any damage that may occur to the car or driver and any person involved in the accident. Almost all companies provide a standard comprehensive cover for vehicle damage and person protection as per the market value of car. It’s good to check the cover offered at the time of accident. These days one has options to buy cashless or zero-debt car insurances where you don’t need to pay cash for any repair of your vehicle at the time of accident and the insurance companies will take care of all damage repairs. Ask your provider for all options and pick the one that suits best.


Personal Insurance Protection

Apart from protection to thecar and third parties, it is good to get yourself covered in case of any accident. Most of the time the personal insurance coverage amount is basic, as per insurance plan but you can ask for a higher protection for accident and medical benefits from your insurance provider. Some insurance companies also provide cashless medical facilities. Personal protection can hike your insurance amount a bit but will surely ease your life if there is any accident on road.


Value of Car

Every insurance cover will declare a maximum value of vehicle which is the maximum amount that can be recovered in case of total damage to the vehicle. A higher value will mean higher insurance premium, but a lower value might be a costlier affair at the time of any accident. The general rule is to know themarket value of your vehicle and make sure the cover value in your insurance is similar to the market value amount. One also need to check which parts of thevehicle are covered in insurance as some providers do not cover plastic and rubber parts of thevehicle.


Additional Things to Look For

One might add a few more covers to their car insurance as per the need. Like if you live in a high-risk zone, and then it’s better to add extra protection value to driver and vehicle. And in thesameway if you transport some luggage frequently then it’s better to know if your insurance will cover the value during the accident.  Know the accident history of thevehicle you are insuring and you can ask for a higher discount if the vehicle is clean of any accidents in past. Similarly,most insurance provider will give offers and cash backs on renewals, so it’s better to buy insurance from the same provider. Most people buy insurance from car dealers itself but you can save a lot of money for better coverage from outside of when you buy car insurance online.

Apart from the points mentioned above, one should aware of the transport rules in their locality and contact details in case of any accident and your insurance should cover all legal aspects in case of any accident. Make sure you cover yourself and your vehicle well for any accident. Buying the right car insurance can save you a lot of trouble during the hour of need.